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Anticoagulation Notes

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Warfarin Contraindications:


Haemorrhagic stroke


Potential bleeding lesions (ulcers, varices)


Uncorrected major bleeding


Pregnancy (teratogenic)


Uncorrected bleeding disorders such as CRF, thrombophilia, thrombocytopaenia, liver failure


Uncontrolled hypertension such as SBP>200mmHg


Bleeds: intracranial/spinal, postpartum, trauma, surgery

Cautions: high risk of falls and NSAIDs due to ulcer risk

Administration Standard: 5mg OD for two days and check INR on day three Immediate: use heparin Slow-loading (safe in AF): 1mg/2mg OD to be therapeutic in three or four week Maintenance: usually 3-9mg OD at the *same time each day* usually in the evening so that they can adjust after taking an INR in the morning

Targets Mechanical aortic valves: 3 Mechanical mitral valves: 3.5 Recurrent VTEs on anticoagulation: 3.5

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