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Application To Dismiss S78 Abuse Of Process Sncta Notes

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? D may apply orally OR in writing to CC for charges to be dismissed
? CC only
? when can application be made?
o after service of documents on which charges based but before arraignment
? the test o judge must dismiss charge (+ quash count in indictment) if evidence against D NOT sufficient for him to be properly convicted


? must give written intention to apply if wish to make oral application
? written intention / written applications o not later than 14 days after service of documents containing evidence on which charges based

o copy must be sent to pros and co-D o CC may extend on application in writing
? pros application for oral hearing o may apply to CC not later than 7 days after receive written application o pros serve any evidence in reply within 14 days
? if charge dismissed, further proceedings only by voluntary bill of indictment
? D cannot JR decision of CC not to dismiss

ABUSE OF PROCESS (outline only in mags' and CC)

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