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Preliminary Hearings And Pcm Hs Notes

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? preliminary hearing (PH) o should be ordered by mags' or CC only where considered necessary (e.g. case management issues call for one)if necessary:should be held

o ~14 days after case sent to CC o murder: 48 hoursCase Progression Prelim Hearing form has to be completed by parties, providing agenda for PH - envisages 3 outcomes:

o G plea (at PH / subsequently) o directions for PCMH; or o NG plea ? fixing of trial date
? PCMH o if mags' does not order PH, must order PCMH to be held within:~14 weeks after case sent for trial (if D in custody)~17 weeks after case sent for trial (if D on bail)

o if D intends to plead NG, effectiveness of PCMH depends on presence of advocate able to make decisions about conduct of case + assist court

o additional pre-trial hearingsheld only if some compelling reasonpower to vary, give or revoke direction without hearing should be used instead if necessary

o standard form for PCMHQs include:D advised on credit for G plea?D warned trial may proceed in his absence?what pleas D offering?pros made statutory disclosure?defence statement served?

o comply with statutory requirements?
o if not clear from defence statement, what are real issues?

o has / will defence make application for disclosure under s8 CPIA i.e. is defence alleging pros has NOT complied with disclosure obligations?what further evidence is to be served by pros + by when reasonably practicable to serve?

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