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? when is a person unfit to plead?
o unfit to plead if incapable of understanding the proceedings, so unable to:put forward any defence,give evidence at trial,challenge juror for cause,give proper directions to defence counselfollow the evidence (Podola)

o NOT unfit to plead, simply if will not accept what appears to be sensible advice from defence counsel

? who can raise issue?
o pros (BRD), defence (balance of probs) + judge of own motion
? procedure (s4 Crim Procedure (Insanity) Act 1964) o time for determination of fitnessideally, ASAP (as soon as raised) + before arraignmentcourt may postpone consideration of fitness until any time until opening of defence case if in D's interests (enables SNCTA to be made before Q determined)

o evidence requiredreports of 2 reg'd medical practitionersjudge can say doesn't agree with theseoften need adjournment for prep of reports

o fitness determined by court without jury, judge makes finding of fact (a) D found fit to plead ? trial proceeds as normal (i.e. arraignment-plea-trial
/ sentence)

(b) D found UNfit to plead ? jury (if fitness determined: at start, jury empanelled / after trial starts, jury trying substantive offence) decides whether D committed AR of offence (the act alone)

i. D did NOT commit AR ? acquitted ii. D DID commit AR ? 3 available disposals: o hospital order o supervision order o absolute dischargeavailable defences on act alone:

o o o o

mistake involuntariness accident self defence

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