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PRIVILEGE PRIVILEGED RELATIONSHIPS - GENERAL PRINCIPLE (a) a person entitled to claim privilege ma refuse to answer the Q put or disclose the document sought (b) if person entitled to claim privilege fails to / waives privilege, no other person may object (privilege is that of witness NOT parties) (c) party seeking to prove particular matter in relation to which his opponent / a witness claims privilege is entitled to prove matter by other evidence, if available (d) no adverse inferences may be drawn against party / witness claiming privilege


? the rule o no one is bound to answer any Q or produce any document or thing if would have a tendency to expose him or his spouse to proceedings for a criminal offence or recovery of a penalty (s14 Civil Evidence Act)must create a real and appreciable risk of a criminal charge

? to whom does the rule apply?
o only the person claiming privilege o NOT to W's spouse o companies may be covered
? exceptions where privilege CANNOT be claimed o express statutory exceptions (a) does NOT protect D from answering Qs in current proceedings (b) civil proceedings for recovery / administration of property for execution of a trust / for account of property / dealings with property under Theft Act

(c) certain prosecutions under Fraud Act (generally breach of fiduciary duty) (d) certain prosecutions under Insolvency Act (e) s98 of Children Act - proceedings re: case, protection and supervision of children

(f) certain proceedings under Banking Act 1987 o implied statutory exceptionsprivilege impliedly abrogated if power created by statute otherwise ineffective

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