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COSTS D's costs order (DCO) (Prosecution of Offences Act 1865 s16)

? DCO =
o D who is acquitted OR succeeds in appeal (a) may be awarded sum from central funds (govt) for expenses properly incurred by him in proceedings;

(b) may NOT be awarded D's legal costs (fees, disbursements inc. expert Ws) UNLESS:

i. condition A
? D = individual; ANDinformation NOT proceeded with / mags' dealing summarily with offence dismiss it; ORsuccessful appeal made to CC under MCA 1980 s108; ORinsanity / fitness to plead: CA allows appeal againstinsanity NG verdictfinding under Crim P (Insanity) Actorder made in cases of insanity /
unfitness to plead

ii. condition B - permits HC + CA to make DCO including D's legal costs, if dealing with appeal from proceedings in lower court which could've made DCO for D's legal costs under condition AD = individual; ANDlegal costs incurred in following lower court:mags'; ORCC on appeal against conviction /

iii. condition C
? legal costs incurred in proceedings in SC
? the amount o may be: (c) full amount; OR (d) such amount court considers reasonably sufficient to compensate D; OR

(e) such lesser amount as court considers just and reasonable (LASPO 2012)

? D's entitlement to costs o under ECHR

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