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? eligibility overview o automatically eligible (unless opt out)all Ws under 18 (except Ds)can be dis-applied if special measures unlikely to maximise quality of evidencechild can opt out, provided would not diminish quality of evidencegeneral rule: video EIC + live link evidenceadult Cs of sex offences / offences of trafficking for exploitationany W in case involving homicide / offence involving firearm or knife

o NOT automatically eligible (must apply)vulnerable Ws affected by mental physical impairment (YJCEA s16(2))applicant must:

o provide court with material establishing W: (a) has 'disorder / disability of the mind; (MHA 1983); OR

(b) has significant impairment of intelligence + social functioning; OR

(c) has physical disability / disorder o satisfy court quality of evidence would be diminished by W's condition?

court will consider W's wishes

Ws in fear / distress in connection with testifying (YJCEA s17(1))court must

o be satisfied qualify of evidence would be diminished by fear / distress, taking into account some / all following factors:

(a) nature + circumstances of offence (b) W's age (c) if relevant, socio-cultural background, ethnicity, domestic + employment circumstances, religious beliefs, political opinions

(d) behaviour towards W by D, D's family /
associates, other person likely to be D or W

o take into account W's views?

application must give details of grounds + attach supporting evidencemay hold voir dire to determined eligibility

Ds under 18

? available measures

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