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Land: Co-Ownership I What is Co-ownership?

- Definition: 2 or more persons together own same estate in same piece of land. successive co-ownership (settlements): different parties entitled in chronological succession. e.g. A: life interest; B: life interest after A; C: fee simple in remainder. rationale: traditionally, ensured land stayed in family. types of settlements: strict settlement; trust for sale; trust of land - dep. on when created. concurrent co-ownership: 2 or more persons own same estate in piece of land at the same time. e.g. husband + wife buy house together + share ownership of freehold. (N.B. this chapter: only concerned with concurrent co-ownership of freehold).

- Unity of possession essential: each co-owner simultaneously entitled to possession of whole of land. if not: just separate owners of different plots of land.

- How does co-ownership arise?
expressly: all parties named on deeds / proprietorship register / lease. impliedly: resulting trust: through contribution to purchase price. constructive trust: Lloyd's Bank v Rossett [1991].

- Practical issues with co-ownership. structure as between co-owners: reflecting different contributions. when 1 co-owner dies ? ensuring right person acquires interest. what do beneficiaries inherit?

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