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Revision: Land

Categories of interests 1) Legal interests


Bind the whole world: no need for notice or registration - binds a purchaser simply because it's legal


Exception: puisne mortgage (not protected by deposit of title deeds with lender) which must be registered as a land charge

2) Equitable interests subject to registration under the LCA 1972 Land Charges Act 1972 (which replaced LCA 1925)


Some 3rd party interests must be registered


Registration constitutes notice: s199 LPA 1925


If these interests are not registered, a purchaser of the land is not bound

Section 2 LCA 1972 - Interests which have to be registered - all given letters and numbers:


Puisne mortgage: C (i) - S2(4)(i) LCA 1972


General equitable charge: C (iii) - S2(4)(iii) LCA 1972 o Equitable mortgage (where not by deed or not registered)


Estate contract: C(iv) (S2(4)(iv) LCA 1972 o Right of pre-emption
? Cannot be registered until owner decides to sell - Pritchard v Briggs o Option to purchase or contract of purchase o Equitable lease (contract for legal lease)


Inland Revenue Charge: D(i) - S2(5)(i)LCA 1972


Restrictive covenant: D(ii) - S2(5)(ii) LCA 1972 o only applies to restrictive covenants btw freeholders and doesn't apply to those created before 1926 (protected by doctrine of notice) 1

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