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FREEHOLD ESTATES Freehold - Fee Simple Absolute in Possession 3 stages to buying freehold: 1) Exchange of Contracts 2) Completion by Deed: conveyance in unregistered land and transfer in registered land 3) Registration

1. Contract


Contracts made before 26 Sept 1989 - governed by s40 LPA 1925No formal requirements for validity - possible to have valid oral contractsBut one of the following conditions must be met for the contract to be enforceable: 1) The contract is in writing and signed by party against whom contract is being enforced; or 2) There is an existing written record of an oral contract (memorandum or note) signed by the party against whom the contract is being enforced: Davies v Sweet; or 3) The contract is oral but the person seeking to enforce has done some act of 'part performance' demonstrating existence of contract - e.g. buyer taking possession of land with the consent of the seller (Bowers v Cator) and making improvements on the land (Broughton v Snook)


Contracts made on or after 26 Sept 1989- governed by s2 Law of Property (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act (LP(MP)A) 1989 1) Must be written 2) Contain all the terms 3) Signed by both parties


S2(3): Either in one document signed by both parties, or in in two identical documents for exchange


S2(2): can incorporate the terms by reference to other documents 1

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