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Land: Freehold Covenants
- Definition: promise contained in a deed extracted by 1 freehold owner (covenantee) from another (covenantor), whereby covenantor promises to do/not to do something over his land. creation: s53(1)(a) LPA 1925 - in writing signed by covenantor.

- Structure:

1. identify: parties (original + successors). dominant + servient land. nature of breaches. issue. creation (s53(1)(a) LPA 1925: in writing signed by grantor) - assume valid.

2. equity: negative covs. (consider equity 1st: burden unlikely to pass at CL (Austerberry v Oldham Corp) + equitable remedies better). burden: 4 requirements (Tulk v Moxhay: negative; accommodate dom. ten.; intention; notice). benefit: touches/concerns land; annexation, assignment or scheme of development.

3. CL: positive covs may pass. burden: generally will not pass; exceptions - indemnity chain. rule in Halsall v Brizell. benefit: express assignment (s136 LPA 1925).

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