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Leases Running Of Covenants I Notes

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Land - Leases: Running of Covenants I (Pre-1996 Leases).
- Problem: enforcing covenants in leases on new parties. original landlord (L) + original tenant (T) - contractual relationship: enforcement by contract principles. successors in title (i.e. T assigns lease to T1 or L sells reversion to L1) - no contractual relationship. attempt to balance 2 issues:

1. if covenants unenforceable vs. successors ? v. short lifespan: not always convenient.

2. if covenants always bind successors ? land less attractive to buyers. 2 sets of rules: pre-1996 (old leases): old system of rules. 1996- (new leases): Landlord and Tenant (Covenants) Act 1995 (LT(C)A).

- These notes: old leases.

Privity of Contract and Estate

- Privity of contract: between original landlord (L) + original tenant (T) ? continuing liability. all terms in lease can be enforced between L + T: under rules of contract. liability continues for full lease term - even after assignment. T's liability continues after assignment of lease - Thursby v Plant [1668]. L's liability continues after assignment of reversion - Stuart v Joy [1904]. s79 LPA 1925: covenant deemed to be made by covenantor on behalf of self + successors (inc. owners/occupiers for time being) + persons deriving title under successors.

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