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Breach Of Contract Exclusion Of Liability I Notes

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ICL Work Shop 2

Breach of Contract + Exclusion of Liability (1): Claimant's cause of action Step 1 Relevant Terms in the Contract Say there is a contract between S & B to____. Include all info relating to performance of the contract. (Mind ST&C being exchanged as this will change offer and acceptance order.)
? Express:
? Implied: s. 10 Time is not of the essence (Unless delivery date expressly stated (Hartley v Hymans)) s.12 to pass good title s.13 description s.14(2) Satisfactory quality

s.29 S to deliver the goods s.27 B to accept Delivery &
Pay s.30 Delivery of wrong quantity s.14(3) Fitness for purpose s.15 Sample

Step 2 Are the terms incorporated? Either by:P.82 ?Signature (say: incorporation happened when contract was Notice signed/because of notice/previous course of dealings &
Previous Course of dealings therefore the terms have been property incorporated)

Step 3 Identify the Breach of Contract + Remedy Say which relevant terms of the contract and how they have been breached and remedy:
? Breach of Condition: Repudiate Cont + Recover Price + Damages (Hadley v Baxendale)
? Breach of Warranty : Damages but NO right to repudiate Contract
? What does the Client actually want?
Breach - Damages may be awarded + interests under: Law Reform Act + Late Payment of Commercial Debts Act + Late Payment of Commercial Debts Regulations. (S wants own i rate to avoid having to rely on these)(incentivise B to pay quickly by giving an early payment discount)If breach of an express term, say that it goes to the heart of the contract, so will be a condition. Therefore, can (e.g. reject the goods) terminate the contract and seek damages.

(2): Defence Has liability been excluded?
Step 4 Slight Breach + Acceptance:s.15A = B's right to reject is lost where the sale is not a consumer sale and the breach is so light that it would be

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