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This is an extract of our List Of Abbreviations document, which we sell as part of our International Commercial Law Notes collection written by the top tier of Cambridge And Oxilp And College Of Law students.

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List of Abbreviations A aot B BE BoL B2C circs. CMA Co./Cos. condts. D DC devt. Drs DU E&W esp. FM govt. HoTs if poss. indl. info IC ICC IP ISSPs LoI misrep. MoU MS oblig. P PA PI Ps rble/rbly/rbleness regd./regn. rep. resp. ROT RFI S shld SoS sthg T&Cs TiB TP TU

agent as opposed to buyer Bills of Exchange Bill of Lading business to consumer circumstances Competition and Markets Authority company / companies conditions defendant documentary credit development distributors dominant undertaking England and Wales especially force majeure government Heads of Terms if possible individual information Information Commissioner International Chamber of Commerce intellectual property information society service providers' Letters of Intent misrepresentation Memorandum of Understanding Member State obligation principal public authority personal injury parties reasonable / reasonably / reasonableness registered / registration reputation respectively retention of title request for information seller should Secretary of State something terms and conditions trustee in bankruptcy third party trade union

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