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Cognitive Disorders Of Old Age Notes

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Cognitive disorders of old age Domains of age related decline

Working memory Processing speed Long term memory Reasoning

But not all cognitive domains are affected by ageing

Crystallised intelligence Semantic memory- fact store Skill learning- mirror drawing but it takes longer

Old age diseases

Amnesia Dementia Delerium

Old age + Brain atrophy

Hippocampal atrophy - this results in normal learning but impaired transfer Required for binding/compressing irrelevant information, allowing the subject to focus on relevant features Individuals with hippocampal atrophy can't use the previously learned info and so treat the new problem as if it's completely new

Changes in brain activity with ageing

Overactivity in older relative to younger subjects- this could be due to additional recruitment of neural activity to maintain performance Hemispheric asymmetry reduction in older adults- due to de-differentiation where there is loss of regional specificity Posterior-anterior shift in aging (more activitiy) in the frontal regions of the brain)- dynamic ongoing process of plasticity


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