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1957: EEC established under Treaty of Rome (inc. four freedoms)
o 1973: UK, Ireland Denmark Join.
o 1980s: Southern and Iberian Additions

1987: Single European Act (SEA), first major treaty amendment. Internal market priority

1992: Maastricht Treaty expanded competence in monetary,
foreign, and security policy. Became EC not EEC.
o 1999: Treaty of Amsterdam.
o 2003: Treaty of Nice

2004: Big bang with 10 additions.
o 2007: Lisbon Treaty repackaged Treaty Establishing a
Constitution for Europe (2001), set out TEU and TEFU
o European Council: Heads of State or of Governments of
Member States meets to discuss direction of EC.
o Council of Europe/Council of Ministers: Council consists of ministers of member states. Qualified majority voting.
o European Commission: represents interests of the union. 28 independent members nominated my MSs. Proposes and implements legislation.
o European Parliament: 751 seats (not population proportional)
o The High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and
Security Policy: conducts EU common foreign and security policy

The Economic and Social Committee (ECOSOC): Advisory body intended to represent various sectional interests

The Committee of the Regions: Advisory body representing regional and local interests.

Core Policies:
 Creating the Common/Internal Market; removing barriers to free movement
 Regulating the internal market
 Competition (anti-trust) law (Articles 101-109 TFEU)
o Peripheral Policies:
 Social, Environmental… Policies (see e.g. Articles 151161 TFEU and 191-193 EC)
o Common European Policies
 Agriculture (Articles 38-44 TFEU), Fisheries, Transport

Other policies besides.
Principles of EU Action:
o The Principle of Conferral/Limited Competence (Art 5(2)

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