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Free Movement Of Persons Notes

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Initially free movement only covered workers, but since Maastricht in 1993 EU recognised the rights of all EU citizens.
o Article 18 TFEU: Principle of Non-Discrimination prohibits discrimination on grounds of nationality.
o Article 20 TFEU: Every person holding the nationality of a
Member State shall be a citizen of the Union.
o Article 21 TFEU: Every citizen of the Union shall have the right to move and reside freely within the territory of the
Member States

The rising age of EU citizenship:
o Martinez Sala [1998] - first case of EU citizenship. A
Spanish legal resident in Germany claiming welfare benefits of her child. Germany tried to claim because she wasn't working she shouldn't be allowed to stay.
 Held she could not be treated any different from
German nationals.
o Baumbast [2002] - Mr Baumbast, a German, had a
Colombian family, lived in the UK. Was now working in asia,
and did not have emergency health insurance.
 Held they were not a burden on the state and Purely as a national of a Member State, and consequently a citizen of the Union, Mr Baumbast therefore has the right to rely on Article [21(1) TFEU].
o Grzelczyk [2001] - Belgium refused to provide its minimax allowance to a French student. Held this was discrimination.
 "Union citizenship is destined to be the fundamental status of nationals of the Member States"


Codified case law (did not replace it).
o Article 2 & 3: Scope
 Includes EU nationals and their family members regadless of nationality,
 Spouse
 Registered partner (if recognised by MS:
Netherlands v Reed)
 Direct descendants under 21 or any dependant direct descendants
 Dependant direct relatives/family members
 the partner with whom the Union citizen has a durable relationship.
o Article 6: Right to Short Stay
 Any EU citizen can reside in any EU state for <3 months.

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