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Principles of EU Law _______________________________________________________

Historical Foundations

Date Signed 18 Apr 1951

Treaty Name


Treaty of Paris /
To place coal & steel Treaty establishing the under common control to ECSC prevent conflict

25 March Treaties establishing the 1957 EEC & Euratom /
Treaty of Rome (EEC) /
EC Treaty (postMaastricht)

4 Jan 1960

Stockholm Convention

1 July 1967

The Merger Treaty

17 Feb 1986

Single (SEA)


To create a common market in order to accelerate economic growth and living standards in member states. Also created a single Assembly & Court for the 3 Communities (EEC, Euratom & ECSC) To establish the EFTA between UK, DNK, SWE, NOR, CHE, ISL, LIE, AUS, PRT & (later) FIN To create a single Council
& Commission for the three Communities.

Act To reinvigorate the concept of the 'internal market', and to set out some major administrative amendments to the TR 7 Feb 1992 Maastricht Treaty /
Enlarges fields of activity, Treaty establishing the formalises closer coEU (TEU) operation, changes EEC to EC, timetables plans for EMU, extends use of QMV
+, introduces pillar structure 2 May 1992 Treaty between the EC To allow the EFTA states
& EFTA establishing an access to the internal EEA /
market (bar CHE who EEA Agreement voted against participation) 2 Oct 1997 Treaty of Amsterdam Renumbers provisions, (TA) develops closer cooperation, FHR provisions, integration of Schengen agreement +
26 Feb 2001 Treaty of Nice Prepares for enlargement, further develops closer co-operation, new Statute for CoJ +
18 July Treaty establishing a Division of EU & member 2003 Constitution for Europe states competences, merger of treaties, simplification, transparency, democracy
Not ratified (FRA & NLD no in referedums; UK referendum postponed)

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