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Company Workshop 4 Preparatory Task Questions:

1. What particular checks should your firm complete about the client's preferred Company name?

1. As there are a number of statutory rules which govern which name can, or cannot, be used for a company, and these must be complied with, ask the client for various alternative names in case their first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth, tenth... choice cannot be used.

2. Do a Trade Mark Search, don't want your client's Co to be called Star Bucks.

3. search the Index of Company Names on, you need to find the "WebCHeck" service and select the "company Name Availability Search". s66 states that a Co must not be registered with the same name as one already appearing in the index.

4. You cannot Reserve a name.

2. Use the webcheck service on, to check whether the name has been used already. Name & Registered Office: HAMPTON DESIGNS LIMITED PARK FARM BARM BRABOURNE LEES ASHFORD KENT TN25 6RG Company No. 04590826

3. When will the change of name be effective??The Registrar will enter the new name on the register (s.80(2)) It is effective when the Registrar issues a new certificate of incorporation with the new name on it (s.81(1)) The company must display the correct name from this date; see the rules outlined in ss.82 (Requirement to disclose company name etc), ss.83(Civil consequences of failure to make required disclosure), ss.84 (Criminal consequences of failure to make required disclosures)and ss.85(Minor variations in form of name to be left out of account)

4. When will the change of the articles be effective?Usually on the day the amendment is passed by the members by SR, but there may be a special provision as to when it takes effect.

5. Prepare a list of the necessary board and member resolutions in chronological order to change the company name and adopt new articles. List the board meeting resolutions first, then the resolutions for the general meeting.

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