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Income Tax

Step 1 Calculate grossed up total of all income

Step 2 Work out net income

Salary Savings Interest (Net Interest x 100/80) Dividends (Net Interest x 100/90) Benefits in Kind Total Income Total Income (Pension Contributions) (Charges on Income) Net Income

Step 3 Work out taxable income: Person allowance = PS10,600 Reduced allowance for income over
PS100,000 =
PS10,600 - (Net Income PS100,000) 2

Net Income (Personal Allowance) Net Income

Step 4 Apply tax rates to n0n-savings, savings and dividends using the tax rates provided. Use the tax jug, taxing each part on top of the other.

Step 5 Add all taxes together to create the Total Tax Liability

Non-Savings Income Tax Savings Income Tax Dividend Income Tax Total Tax Liability

Step 6 Find the difference between the net and gross savings and deduct for the tax at source

Total Tax Liability (Tax Deducted at Source) Total Tax Payable to HMRC

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