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Golden Ocean Corp V. Salgaonkar Mining Notes

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This is an extract of our Golden Ocean Corp V. Salgaonkar Mining document, which we sell as part of our Conflict of Laws BCL Notes collection written by the top tier of Oxford students.

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GOLDEN OCEAN CORP V. SALGAONKAR MINING FACTS The context in which the application of section 4 falls to be considered on this appeal is very familiar. It is the conclusion of a long-term, ten-year, time charter of a valuable vessel, a newbuilding Capesize bulker of 176,000 tonnes deadweight. The owners, Golden Ocean Group Ltd, hereinafter ("Golden Ocean") were negotiating for the hire of their vessel to a substantial conglomerate of industries, the Indian company Salgaocar Mining Industries Pvt Ltd, to which I shall refer hereafter as ("SMI"). SMI is based in Goa. Like many other similar conglomerates SMI has a chartering arm, here Trustworth Shipping Pte Ltd, hereinafter ("Trustworth"), a Singaporean company. There may be issues at trial as to the status and purpose of Trustworth, but it is unlikely to be denied that since about the end of 2005 Trustworth has chartered many vessels and carried in them from India to, mainly, China, cargoes which SMI had sold. So however is the quid pro quo, that an owner asked to deal with such a charterer would often and perhaps ordinarily be unprepared to do so save on terms that its obligations are fully guaranteed by its parent or some other company of substance. The transaction here followed that familiar pattern. Here, Salgaonkar guaranteed the charter between Trustworth and Golden Ocean Group. The procedural context in which the question arises is an application by the defendants, now appellants, SMI and Mr Anil V Salgaocar, to set aside an order made on 11 March 2010 giving Golden Ocean permission to issue a claim for service and to serve it on the defendants in Goa. QUESTION The relevant question before the court was as to the law applicable to the contract of guarantee. HOLDING Law applicable to the Guarantee The charterparty is expressly subject to English law. The guarantee is contained within the charterparty. Like the judge, and as was I think common ground before us, I consider that the proper law of the guarantee is English law. That is achieved by application of article 3. The parties' choice of English law is demonstrated with reasonable certainty by their effecting the guarantee by including within the charterparty the words "Trustworth ... fully guaranteed by

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