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Acknowledgement Of Service Defences Notes

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This is an extract of our Acknowledgement Of Service Defences document, which we sell as part of our BPTC Civil Ligitation Notes collection written by the top tier of City Law School students.

The following is a more accessble plain text extract of the PDF sample above, taken from our BPTC Civil Ligitation Notes. Due to the challenges of extracting text from PDFs, it will have odd formatting:

Statements of Case acknowledgement of service, defence, reply to defence)
When a PoC Is served on a D, the D may:

1. File or serve an Admission (admits the claim)

2. File a defence [[NB: he can both admission and defence, if admits only part of the claim]]

3. File Acknowledge of service [[part 10]]

4. Or Simply pay the damages claimed in full (with interest and costs)

CPR Part 10, Acknowledgement of Service (A/S)???

Where C uses Part 8 procedure: this Part applies subject to modifications in r8.3.

10.1, Acknowledgment of Service (A/S):
o A D may file an A/S IF:
o (a) he is unable to file a defence within period specified in r15.4; OR
o (b) he wishes to dispute the court's jurisdiction [see Part 11]].
EFFECT: of filing an A/S
o period to serve defence is extended to 28 days after service of PoC, r15.4]].
o OR D then has 14 days to make application to dispute court's jurisdiction under Part 11

10.2, Consequence of not filing an A/S:
o If D fails to file an A/S within time period (r10.3);
o AND does not within that period file a defence (in accordance with Part 15)
or serve or file an admission (Part 14)
o ? THE C may obtain DEFAULT JUDGMENT if part 12 allows it.

10.3, The time Period for filing an A/S: general rule:
o (a) where D is served with a claim form which states that PoC is to follow : 14 days after service of PoC (where PoC served later than claim form);
o (b) In any other case [[where PoC is served with or in claim form]], 14 days after service of claim form.
General rule re timing subject to following rules:
o (a) r6.35 (where claim form served out of jurisdiction)
o (b) r6.12(3) (court specifies period for responding to PoC);
o (c) r6.37(5) (courts specifies period for A/S by reference to PD 6B re giving permission to serve claim form out of jurisdiction.

CPR Part 15, Defence & Reply [[+ PD 15, paras 1-3, integrated]]
NB: time limits for filing A/S and defence compared:
-time limit for filing Defence always runs from date of service of PoC (14 days,
extended to 28 if an A/S has been served);
-CF time limit for filing A/S (14 days) runs from date of serve of claim form if PoC
served at same time as claim form; if not (if PoC is served later than claim form),
runs from date of service of PoC]] DEFENCE
-15.1: this Part does not apply where C uses Part 8 alternative procedure [[repeated in PD 15, no Defences in Part 8]].
-PD 1.2: re specialist proceedings (CPR Part 49): special provisions for defence & reply are made, Part 15 provisions only apply to extent are not inconsistent.
-15.2: a D who wishes to defend all/part of a claim ? MUST file a DEFENCE. [[see
Part 14 where D admits a claim]]
-15.3, CONSEQUENCE of NOT filing a defence within time period (or within extended time period if A/S served): ? C may obtain default judgment if Part 12 allows it.
-15.4, PERIOD for filing a defence:
o 14 days after service of PoC;
o OR, if D files an A/S under Part 10 ? 28 days after service of PoC.
o General rule subject to:
-(a) r6.35 (where claim form served out of jurisdiction)
-(b) rule 11 (where D makes an application disputing the court's jurisdiction, D need not file a defence before the hearing)
-(c) rule 24.4(2) (if C applies for summary judgment before D has filed defence, D need not file defence before that summary hearing)
-(d) r6.12(3) (court specifies period for responding to PoC);
o [15.5]: Parties can AGREE to extend period [in 15.4] for filing defence, by up to 28 days:
-? if such an agreement is made, D must NOTIFY THE COURT in writing of this agreement.
-15.6, Service of a copy of defence: a copy of defence must be served on every other party.
-PD, 1.3: Form N9B (specified amount) or N9D (unspecified amount or non-money claims) may be used for purpose of defence, and is included in the response pack served on D with particulars of claim.
-STATEMENT OF TRUTH (PD 15, para 2 & PD 16 para 11): Part 22 requires a defence to be verified by statement of truth.
o Form of statement: "[I believe] [ the defendant believes] that the facts stated in this defence are true".
o See rule 32.14 re consequences of verifying a statement of case containing a false statement without an honest belief in its truth ? contempt of court]].
-15.7, Making a counterclaim: Part 20 applies if D wishes to make counterclaim.
o [PD 15 3.1], Where a D serves a counterclaim (under Part 20) ? the defence and counterclaim should normally form one document with counterclaim following on from the defence.
o PD 3.2: Where C serves a reply and a defence to the counterclaim ? the reply & defence to counterclaim should normally form one document.
REPLY to defence (optional)
-15.8: a reply is optional.
-If C files a reply to defence, C must:
o (a) file the reply with a directions questionnaire; and
-PD 15, 3.2A, re a reply by C to a counterclaim: where the date by which C must file his directions questionnaire is later than date by

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