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SANCTIONS 2 purposes:

1. ensure orders and directions are complied with - preserve trial date

2. punish for default Non-compliance with Pre-Action Protocol Various sanctions Requirement that address in Particulars of Case and Defence - party should respond to allegation of non-compliance Non-compliance with CPR Sanctions may depend on the rule Failure to disclose expert evidence - may not rely on at trial without permission and/or adverse inferences Failure to pay listing/allocation fee - claim struck out Non-compliance with Directions If both parties breach - no sanction if still reasonably possible to have a fair trial Key dates:


Filing Allocation Questionnaires


Case-management conferences


Pre-trial reviews


Filing pre-trial checklists



Timetable may be varied by agreement unless express provision cannot. If default does not affect key dates - not a problem If default outside party's control - parties should cooperate to preserve key dates Preservation of Trial Date Court will not allow failure to comply with directions to lead to postponement of trial unless exceptional circumstances


no need for "exceptional circumstances" if default outside control of parties

Unless Order If practicable, Court will exercise its power so case able to come to trial on date/within period set.

1. Assess steps which need to be taken to prep for trial

2. Order steps to be taken in shortest possible time

3. Impose sanction for non-compliance

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