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Discontinuance Stays And Orders Notes

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? general power o court may stay:whole OR partof proceedings OR judgmentgenerally OR until specified time / date (r3.1(2)(f))

o = part of court's case management powers o can stay of own motion of an application of any person, regardless of whether a party (SCA 1981 s49(3))

? effect of stay o proceedings remain alive BUT only step that can be taken is application to lift stay

o stayed judgment CANNOT be enforced until stay lifted Stay on failure to file defence

? claim stayed if: (a) at least 6 months expired since expiry of time for filing defence (14 / 28 days if AoS); AND

(b) no D has: i. served or filed an admission; OR ii. filed a defence / counterclaim; AND (c) C has NOT entered or applied for DefJ / SJ (r15.11(1))
? any party may apply for stay to be lifted, using part 23 procedure + giving reasons for delay (r15.11(2), PD 15 para 3) Stay to allow settlement

o how does a stay come about?
(a) parties requestparty may request stay for ADR / settlement in writing when file DQ (r26.4(1))if all parties request a stay ? 1 month stay + court will notify parties in writing (r26.4(2))

(b) court directsif thinks appropriate, court will direct whole / part 1 month stay OR other period (r26.4(2A))

(c) when Part 36 offer accepted (d) frequently ordinary consent order provides for stay (e) Tomlin order - stays proceedings in terms set out in schedule, with liberty to apply

o extension of staycourt may extend until for period / till date as appropriate (r26.4(3))

o requirement to notify if settlement reached

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