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Appeal Hearing Grounds for allowing an appeal:

(a) Wrong in law (b) Wrong in fact (c) Wrong in the exercise of discretion (d) Unjust because of a serious procedural defect or other irregularity

GR: A requires permission to appeal. UNLESS:
- A committal order
- A refusal to grant habeas corpus
- A secure accommodation order Test for granting permission to appeal: (1) The appeal would have a real prospect of success; or (2) There is some other compelling reason for an appeal Application is made:
- To the lower court at the hearing to be appealed

General powers of the appeal court: (a) To affirm, set aside or vary any order or judgment made by the lower court; (b) To refer the decision or issue for determination in a lower court; (c) To order a new trial or hearing (last resort); (d) To make orders for the payment of interest; and (e) To make costs orders.

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