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? definition o statement (fact / opinion, no matter how made) o made otherwise than by person while giving oral testimony in court o tendered as evidence of the truth of its contents (r33.1)
? distinction between hearsay + real evidence o real evidence (physical objects produced for inspection by court) = admissible o distinction = fine re: printouts + recordings made by machinesat common law regarded as real evidenceBUT may seen as evasion of notice procedure under CEA 1995


o general ruleall hearsay admissible (even multiple)only question is its weight

o when is hearsay INadmissible?incompetence + hearsayhearsay shall NOT be admitted if and to the extent that:

(a) it comprises a statement of a person who would NOT be a competent witness; OR

(b) it is to be proved by a person who is NOT a competent witnessincompetence = inability to understand oath (N.B. children which an give unsworn evidence but understand duty to tell truth + have sufficient understanding to justify evidence being given NOT incompetent)previous consistent statementsparty which has called / intends to call person as witness may NOT also adduce previous consistent statements made by that witnessexceptions:

(a) court grants permission (usually NOT granted)
? may grant if passage of great deal of time / onset of illness / earlier statement not contemporaneous enough to be used as memory-refresher

(b) to rebut an allegation in XX that witness's evidence fabricated (c) does NOT preclude witness adopting exchanged statement as EIC (s6(2))

o what does CEA NOT affect?hearsay evidence may be excluded on a ground other than hearsay e.g. irrelevant, non-expert opinion (s14(1))

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