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Overriding Objective And Protocols 5 Notes

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The Overriding Objective What is the "Overriding Objective"?

* To deal with cases "justly and at a proportionate cost".

* This means: o Equal Footing o Saving Expense o Dealing with the case proportionate to:
# Amount of money involved;
# Importance of the case;
# Complexity of the Issues;
# Financial Position of Each Party; o Ensuring case dealt with expeditiously and fairly; o An appropriate share of court's resources; o Enforcing compliance with CPR, practice directions, Orders.

Where does the Overriding Objective apply?

* County Court;

* High Court;

* Civil Division of the Court of Appeal


o Insolvency; o Non-contentious or common form probate; o HC acting as prize court; o Court of Protection; o Family Proceedings; o Adoption Proceedings; o Election Petitions in HC; Enforcement of the Overriding Objective

* The Court o The court must give effect to OO when exercising any power, or interpreting any rule.

o It must actively manage cases, including to:
# Encouraging cooperation;
# Identifying Issues at early stage;
# Deciding Promptly which issues can be disposed of summarily, and which need trial;

# Deciding order of issues to be resolved;
# Encouraging parties to use ADR;
# Helping parties settle in whole or part;
# Fixing Timetables to control progress;
# Weighing benefits/costs of decisions;
# Dealing with as many parts of the case in one sitting;
# Dealing with the case without parties needing to attend court;

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