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Responding To A Claim Default Judgment Notes

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? can if: (a) D fails to file AoS OR defence within 14 days of deemed service of PoC; OR (b) if D files AoS - D fails to file defence within 28 days after deemed service of PoC (c) if extended by agreement / court order - D fails to file defence within extended time

? CANNOT if: (a) (b) (c) (d)

part 8 claim claim for delivery of goods subject to Consumer Credit Act claim for provisional damages specialist proceedings:

i. ii. iii. iv.

admiralty proceedings arbitration proceedings possession claims contentious probate proceedings

(e) D has applied for SJ OR strike out (f) D has paid claim (including costs) (g) money claim: D has fully admitted liability AND requested time to pay Stay of undefended claims

? if C does NOT seek default judgment - claim stayed 6 months after date for filing AoS /

? any party may apply to lift (relief from sanction)

REQUESTING DEFAULT JUDGMENT - money claims and delivery up of goods

(1) C receives notice of issue form from court when claim issued: (a) ticks box on form saying D has failed to respond (b) enters amount sought: damages / debt + interest + fixed costs (c) signs and dates (d) returns form to court (2) court enters default judgment without consideration of merit (no hearing) The 2 available types of default judgment in money claims

(a) final judgment - D must pay set amount within 14 days (b) interlocutory judgment - damages to be decided by court a. effect: liability established, quantum to be determined b. claims for unspecified amount c. deciding damages

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