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Additional Claims Under Part 20 Notes

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? D to existing claim can bring claim against a third party WHEN CAN A THIRD PARTY CLAIM BE BROUGHT?

Factual situation

Possible actions

Part 20 claim?

defence of denial

D disclaims personal responsibilit y for C's damage and blames third party

plead in defencecounterclaim against C

D has claim against C

counterclaimC has claim against C AND third party

counterclaim, third party joined in as a D1. counterclaim against C AND third party (r20.2)

2. claim by D seeking indemnity, contribution or some other remedy from:

a. existing party; OR

b. third party

D accepts liability but claims can recover whole / part of amount liable for from Ca. contribution notice b. true third-party



3. claim by third party

N /A

fourth party etc. claimD has issue with third party related to existing claim

commence separate proceedingsagainst other party /
non-party (r20.2) claim between D and third party raises Q related to current claim

OR seek order for joinder of third party (r19.2(2)(b)) OR third party claim?
N.B. NOT a true part 20 claim
- an overhan g from old rules


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