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Privilege Privileged documents must be disclosed (included on disclosure list) but not inspected. If claim document is "privileged" - must state grounds Privilege against Self-Incrimination Can be relied on where a criminal charge (arising from inspection) is more than a remote, contrived, fanciful possibility


where inspection/answering makes prosecution more likely/may be used in deciding to prosecute/prosecuting

Only applies to documents incriminating that party, not spouse etc. Company/corporation may claim if has legal personality. Exceptions (cover most common situations):


Claims for infringement of intellectual property rights/passing off - evidence cannot be used to prosecute


Civil proceedings re property/trusts and theft offences and fraud offences


Proceedings under the Children Act,


some proceedings under the Banking Act.

Legal Professional Privilege Belongs to client 2 types:

1. Legal Advice privilege

2. Litigation privilege Legal Advice Privilege Communications between client and legal rep made for purpose giving/receiving legal advice


"client" - person who retained legal rep
* firms/companies - only covers personnel authorised to retain the legal rep


"legal advice":
* explaining the law,
* advising on what should be done in the legal context for permissible (non-dishonest) purposes
# includes advice on how to present evidence.

Three Rivers - Was the lawyer being asked, in his capacity as a lawyer, to give legal advice?

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