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? a senior court of E&W
? offices at Royal Courts of Justice
? 137 district registries serving coco districts
? many claims involving disputes in London must be commenced in RCJ
? C can choose whether to commence claim for non-London disputes in RCJ or district registry

? 3 divisions, each w/ own judiciary and admin o QBD o ChD o FamDspecialist court within divisions, each w/ own judges and admin, located in Rolls Building:

o o o o o

Technology and Construction Court (TCC) Companies Court Commercial Court Patents Court Admiralty Court

? public law decisions and applications for JR dealt w/ by Admin Court
? trial by o Justices of High Court (puisne judges) and deputy judges o = my lord, my lady, your lordship, your ladyship
? HC judges often also = DJ for local coco

? interim applications o QBD and ChD - dealt w/ by masters = master o Comm Court - Comm Court judge o district registries - DJs = sir or madam o masters and DJs cannot grant interim injunctions unless have trial jurisdiction over claim

? masters and DJs cannot grant interim injunctions (with some exceptions)
? DDJs, DJs and masters cannot try HRA claims in respect of judicial act OR declarations of incompatibility

? admin done by civil servants employed by MoJ
? BUT enforcement done by enforcement officers, who aren't civil servants

County courts

? currently 170
? soon to be replaced by 1 w/ jurisdiction over E&W
? many civil claims can be commenced in any coco
? BUT defended claims may be transferred either automatically / at court's discretion
? 'designated money claims' (only remedy sought is money) o must be commenced by sending papers to CoCo Money Claims Centre Salford

o Issued in Northampton CoCo
? administration o most done locally o to cater for bulk users, proceedings in debt recovery claims may be issued by Production Centre NorthamptsCs deliver draft claim forms in computer readable form ? Centre produces printed claim forms dispatched using automatic mailing equipmentC can choose to have claim form treated as issued in any coco

? Circuit Judge (CJ) presides o professional lawyer o 7 year judicial appointment qualification o = your honour
? Recorder o practises for no. of weeks / year o part-time judge (practising barrister) o = your honour
? Coco trials usually conducted by CJ or Recorder sitting alone
? can appoint deputy CJs and assistant Recorders if workload requires; also = your honour
? 1+ District (DJ) o 5 year general qualification o = sir or madam o conduct most interim proceedings, small-claims hearings and possession claims

o power to conduct trial where amount claimed

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