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? court may make costs order at any time (PD 44 para 4.1)
? court has discretion as to: whether costs payable, amount + when to be paid (r44.2(1))
? court must have regard to all circumstances including: (a) conduct of parties: i. before (particularly extent pre-action protocols followed) + during proceedings

ii. whether reasonable to raise / pursue / contest allegation issue iii. manner party defended case / pursued particular allegation or issue iv. whether wholly / partly successful C exaggerated claim (b) whether party succeeded on case, even if only in part (c) admissible offer to settle (except Part 36) BASIS OF ASSESSMENT

? court will NOT allow unreasonably incurred costs OR costs unreasonable in amount (r44.3(1))

? in assessing whether reasonable (+ proportionate if standard basis), court will: (a) give effect to any orders already made (r44.4(2)) (b) have regard to: i. conduct of parties (before + during proceedings AND settlement attempts) ii. amount / value of money / property iii. importance of matter to all parties iv. complexity of matter / difficulty of Qs raised v. skill, effort, specialised responsibility involved vi. time spent on case vii. place + circumstances in which any work done viii. receiving party's last approved / agreed costs budget (r44.4(3)) Standard basis

? only includes costs which are: (a) proportionate o bear reasonable relationship to: i. ii. iii. iv. v.

sums in issue value of non-monetary relief in issue complexity of litigation extra work generated by paying party's conduct wider factors e.g. reputation (r44.4(5))

(b) reasonably incurred (c) reasonable in amount

? any doubt re: reasonableness / proportionality of costs resolved in favour of paying party (r44.3(2)(b)) Indemnity basis

? only includes costs which are: (a) reasonably incurred; AND (b) reasonable in amount
? any doubt re: reasonableness of costs resolved in favour of receiving party (r44.3(3))

? time for compliance with costs order o party must comply within 14 days of: (a) summary assessment: date of judgment / order if states amount of costs; OR

(b) detailed assessment: date of certificate stating amount (part 47); OR

(c) such other date as court specifies (r44.7) METHODS OF ASSESSMENT Summary assessment (SA) = court determines costs immediately at end of hearing, on rough + ready basis

? when is SA suitable / made (a) conclusion of fast-track trial (order will deal with costs of whole claim); AND (b) conclusion of any other hearing lasting up to 1 day e.g. interim hearing
? who can make?
o NOT court officer, only judge (PD 44 para 9.7)
? who CANNOT get summary assessment o receiving party who is: (a) publicly funded (b) child / PP (unless their rep waives right to further costs) (PD 44 para 9.8, 9.9(1))N.B. court may make summary assessment of costs payable by child / PP

? procedureeach party intending to claim costs must:

(1) prepare written statement of costs (a) show separately in schedule: i. number of hours ii. hourly rate iii. grade of fee earner

iv. amount + nature of disbursement (excluding counsel's fee for hearing)

v. amount of legal rep's fee for hearing vi. counsel's fees vii. VAT (PD 44 para 9.5(1), (2)) (2) sign statement OR get legal rep to sign it (3) include certificate at end of form N260 unless party is i. assisted person ii. LSC funded iii. entitled to civil legal services under LASPO iv. represented by own employee (PD 44 para 9.5(3)) (4) file statement at court (5) serve copy on all parties against whom costs intended to be sought ASAP, and in any event

(a) fast track - not less than 2 days before trial (b) all other hearings - not less than 24 hours before time of hearing (PD 44 para 9.5(4))if fail to serve, proportionate response - adjourn for detailed assessment /
summary assessment at later date

? time for payment - party must pay within 14 days of date of judgment / order

Detailed Assessment (DA)

? costs judge considers amount at assessment hearing after parties have had opportunity to set out amount claimed + points of dispute in writing

? when?
o generally - conclusion of proceedings o BUT court may order them to be assessed immediately (r47.1)
? authorised court officer o has all powers of court when making detailed assessment except power to make:

(a) (b) (c) (d)

wasted costs order order in relation to misconduct (r44.11) sanction for delay in commencing detailed assessment (r47.8) detailed assessment of costs payable to a solicitor by their client (unless paid to child / PP) (r47.3(1)

o if party objects to court officer assessing, court may order costs judge / DJ to make (r47.3(2))

? venue for DA o must make application / request to OR file at appropriate office (r47.4(1)):court may direct appropriate office = costs office (r47.4(3))


coco may direct appropriate office = another coco, without transferring proceedings to that court (r47.4(3), (4))

? procedure for DA if costs not agreed (1) bill of costs - receiving party prepares (2) commencement - by receiving party
? commence within 3 months of judgment (/ discontinuance /
acceptance of part 36 offer)if don't commence in time

o paying party can apply for order requiring commencement ? court can disallow receiving party's costs

o if don't apply for order, court may only disallow interestcommenced by receiving party serving on paying party:

(a) notice of commencement; AND (b) copy of bill of costs (r47.6(1)) (3) points of dispute - by paying party
? paying party may dispute any item in bill of costs by serving points of dispute on receiving party within 21 days of service of notice of commencement?

if fail to serve receiving party may file request for default costs certificatecourt may set aside certificate if good reason for proceedings to continue

receiving party may serve reply within 21 days of service of points of dispute

(4) request for DA hearing - by receiving party
? receiving party must file request for DA hearing within 3 months of end of time for commencementif don't file in time, sanctions same as failure to commence in time - disallow costs / interest

(5) DA hearing - only points specified in points of dispute can be raised
? procedure where costs agreed o either party may apply to court for costs certificate
? provisional assessment (shortened procedure) o applies to proceedings commenced in HC OR CC on / after 1 April 2013 in which costs

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