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? purposes (a) ensure orders + directions complied with (b) punish defaulting party NON-COMPLIANCE Non-compliance with pre-action protocols

? available sanctions: (a) (b) (c) (d) (e)

order stay order party at fault to pay costs proportionate to breach order party at fault to pay indemnity costs deprive C who is at fault of interest on damages / order interest at lower rate award D who is at fault higher rate of interest on damages payable to C (PD preaction conduct para 4.6)

? parties must set out whether complied in claim form / particulars of claim (PD pre-action conduct para 9.7) Non-compliance with CPR

? various e.g. can't use undisclosed expert report at trial Non-compliance with directions

? agree new deadlines o if parties occasionally unable to keep to directions timetable, NOT usually problem, provided key dates kept (filing DQs, CMCs, PTRs, filing pre-trial checklists, trial) (r26.3(6A), r28.4, r29.5)

o non-compliance through events beyond control / not deliberateparties should co-operate and agree new timetable preserving key dates (r1.4(2)(a))time specified by CPR / court for doing act can be varied by written agreement of parties (unless prohibited by rules) (r2.11)

? procedure on default (1) innocent party should write letter to defaulting party:
? asking for default to be remedied within reasonable period (7 / 14 days)give warning of intention to apply for order if NOT remedied

if continued non-compliance

(2) apply without delay for order to enforce compliance and / or sanction (3) court decides whether to make order compliance / sanctions (court may take any delay into account in deciding) PRESERVATION OF TRIAL DATE

? following apply on CMCs, applications to extend time + applications for relief from sanctions:

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