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Court's power to Control Evidence General power - court may
? give directions on
# issues on which it requires evidence
# nature of evidence required to decide issues
# way evidence to be placed before courtexclude otherwise admissible evidencelimit XX

Specific power to limit W evidence - court may
? identify or limit issuesidentify Ws who may be calledidentify Ws whose evidence is to be readlimit length and format of WSsallow Ws to give evidence by video link / other means

Preparation of WSs "WS" - signed statement by a person which contains evidence that person would be allowed to give orally. WS should represent the W's evidence-in-chief Formalities Heading
? Formal heading with titleTop right-hand corner: party on whose behalf made, initials and surname of W, identifiers for exhibits, date made

? in W's own words - first person?

if professional capacity: name and address of employer, position, whether employee of party occupationindicate which statements from own belief and which are matters of information
/ belief + source
? number exhibits sequentially across statements Format
? A4 - one sidedpaginated, numbered paragraphsnumbers and dates expressed as figuresdocuments referenced in margin or emboldened in bodysecurely-bound - otherwise, each should bear claim no and initials of Wi.

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