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PRIVILEGE Privileged material and disclosure

? must be disclosed, but need NOT be made available for inspection
? ID in section 2 of list of documents: documents party claims a right / duty to withhold inspection (r31.10(4)(a))

Effect of claiming privilege

? can't draw adverse inferences from fact witness / party claims privilege
? successful claim prevents certain people being compelled to give evidence of particular matters but NOT from those matters being proved by other available evidence

(1) PRIVILEGE AGAINST SELF INCRIMINATION o the rule (s14 Civil Evidence Act)no one is bound to answer any Q or produce any document or thing if would have a tendency to expose him or his spouse to proceedings for a criminal offence (except contempt of court) or recovery of a penaltymust be a real and appreciable risk of a criminal charge (Rank Film Distributors v Video Information Centre)arises if prosecution might use answer in deciding whether to prosecute (Den Norske Bank v Antonatos) ? inapplicable if evidence so strong prosecution would proceed regardlesscorporations: have legal personality, so can claim (Triplex v Lancegaye) BUT may need to consider whether corporation and / or employees at risk of criminal proceedings (Sociedade de Angola v Lunqvist)personal so if person answers Q about spouse, spouse cannot complain

o exceptions (compatible with Art 6) (a) if prosecutor says will not prosecute (usually if already prosecuted), lose right as no realistic risk of prosecution (AT&T v Tully)

(b) material existing independently of a search order and coming to light in the course of executing a proper order of the court

(c) IP or passing off cases (+ answers shall not be used in any related prosecution) (s72 SCA)

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