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CHARACTER EVIDENCE: CIVIL PROCEEDINGS DEFINITION: character evidence may be defined as evidence of a person's reputation or their disposition to behave in a particular way. It includes evidence of good as well as bad character. THE RELEVANCE OF CHARACTER EVIDENCE

1. Character as a fact in issue: the character of a party might itself be a fact in issue in the proceedings.

2. Character relevant to a fact in issue: the character of a person, although not a fact in issue may be probative of one or more facts in issue. Eg C alleges suffered food positioning at the D's restaurant due to poor food hygiene, evidence from other parties who suffered food positioning having eaten at the D's restaurant might be admissible to prove that the D prepared food unhygienically

3. Character relevant to credibility: eg where a witness in civil proceedings has a previous conviction of perjury, the previous conviction is relevant to whether their evidence is worthy of belief. CHARACTER OF PARTIES:

1. Character as a fact in issue
- Defamation proceedings is a good example

2. Character relevant to a fact in issue
- Good character: the good character of a party may

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